4X Pro Tour Fort William: Dreams ended way to soon

Scottish highlands have been welcoming 4-Cross riders for years, and 2018 was no exception. 4X Pro Tour has a permanent stop in Fort William, always with big crowd of supporters that will cheer no matter the weather.

We had Kevin Berginc on the race, 7th from the qualifications and eager to do another top result (after taking 4th place in Germany). Race started OK, he easily qualified for the second round. But then a disaster happened… Kevin had a solid start, but lost the position in the second berm and attacked in the third one. He didn’t pass anybody, actually he took him self out of the race. He finished the race around 25th place.

“I made a mistake, I have no excuses. I have a month now before the World Champs, I’ll again attack with everything I’ve got,” said Kevin.

Photos by Klemen Humar