4X World Champs: Kevin & Keegan won together, and lost together

Val di Sole once more hosted the UCI 4X World Championships, biggest 4X race of the season – and again it proved to be a real spectacle. Thousands loud fans cheered for the riders and stood still when thing went out of control.

Kevin Berginc and Keegan Wright both qualified for the race, Keegan even set third fastest time. He also decided to skip DH race and put all his focus to the 4-Cross.

The first stress came after we got the start list, as they already faced each other in the first round. Kiwi had a good start, Kevin made up for whatever he lost in the first meters and they finished the run in second and first.

Second run unfortunately didn’t go as smooth. Kevin snapped a chain from the start, but somehow managed to keep him self in the race. Keegan was in battle for second place, and then Kevin came out of nowhere and jumped passed him and went into second. But he couldn’t do more and even crashed later on. Keeg was fighting for second place that would take him to the next round, but it was also not to be.


Photos by Klemen Humar