Tanja 12th in Glasgow

Championships races are always something special, and so it was this time in Glasgow. 2018 European Championships were not the shiniest of the events, but organized on the new venue as far as international racing is concerned and on the solid level.


The most unusual thing about the race was of course the schedule with the race on Tuesday morning. That is what you get when you put the different disciplines together in one big championships…


Tanja traveled to Scotland with high ambitions, but had to settle with 12th place. It just wasn’t her day, meanwhile the leaders went out will full force and created big gaps.


Tanja Žakelj: “I wanted more, but I just couldn’t do it. I was on my own pace that was not fast enough this time. I’ve also find myself in couple of awkward situation that just increased the gap. Other than that I’ve enjoyed the track – there was no reason not to, I had a great support and lots of cheers from the fans.

But the gap was just too big. I hope that will not bother me in Canada and I’ll race with full confidence. The race was on pair with the European champs of the previous years. The track was not as technical like those on the World Cups, but the competition was similarly strong.”


New/old European champs is Jolanda Neff.


Full results


Photos by Keith Valentine