WCH Lenzerheide: Disappointment for Tanja

Tanja Žakelj is not hiding her disappointment, the world championships race in Lenzerheide was a disaster. Her start was pretty solid, but after that she couldn’t find her rhythm, legs were simply empty. She finished the race one lap behind the winner, all in all the race was a total opposite of the World Cup finals just 14 days ago in France.

Tanja was sole Slovenian rider on the today’s race in Switzerland. Start position in the second row was good, her start explosive and aggressive. After that there was not a sign of the performance she showed on the last rounds of the World Cup. Tanja was aggressive only on the descents, and has failed to find the right strength on all other aspects of the race. “This was by far the worse race of the season. I finished far from where I wanted to, but at the same time I did everything right. Preparations were good, I did everything to get another good result. I also anticipated it, after all I was in the top-ten just 14 days ago in La Bresse. I had right feelings… but the race was a disaster. I don’t have the reason for it, everything just went wrong,” said Tanja after the race.

Track in Lenzerheide is surly among the hardest, but that is not the reason for lack of result. High altitude also shouldn’t be a source of troubles. Future analysis will show more, but it’s fair to say that she had a really bad day. “My legs were empty, I couldn’t do anything. Girls were passing me one by one, I tried to race my own race and at least on the way down fight for my position. I also crashed on one of the descents, but I’m fine,” added Žakelj.

Tanja finished the race in 37th place, one lap behind the race winner Kate Courtney.


Photos by Klemen Humar