WCH Lenzerheide: Dakotah just outside of top-20

The most anticipated race of the year turned into the spectacle of incredibly close racing (just 0.749 second between first and fourth!)! Jure had to pull out of the race in the last minute, so we only had Dakotah & Keegan on the race. Kiwi was 51st, his teammate from America was 21st!

Thousands again came to Lenzerheide to see this show from behind the tape, which only made the whole event more exciting. That only adds to the disappointment that we felt when we had to face the hard fact – that Jure will not go on his race run. He hit the deck yesterday on practice and injured his shoulder to that extend that we couldn’t deliver a full run. He got help from the experts, and had hopes till the very last minutes of the morning practice, but after a few practice meters on his custom Devici Wilson he had to pull out the white flag. It’s of course disappointing, but at the same time we know how fast he was out there and that he’ll came out on top when the 2019 season starts!

Keegan & Dakotah meanwhile prepared for their finals. Wild Kiwi was first out on the course that already dried up and was fastest so far in the week. He took fourth place when he crossed the finish line, and later finished in 51st.

Dakotah – all in red, white & blue symbols of his custom bike & race kit – went out with full determination and aim for the top result. Big mistake throw him off pace, but he still got a decent result. 21st is not where he wants to be, but knowing how capable he is the next top results will come for sure.

Dakotah Norton: “Everyone goes really fast on the world champs, everyone want to put down a good result. I felt like I was on a good run, but I didn’t had the intensity to be on a really good world champs run. I did a mistake at the bottom, came to a stop and throw away a few seconds that would have been really valuable at putting where I wanted to be in the results list. All things considered is a decent result for end of the year, but my goals and expectations have changed. I wanted a medal or at least be in the top-10.”

Keegan Wright: “The weekend was great fun, it’s awesome to be back on the downhill bike. Qualifying was cool, I held back a little bit because of the rain and I didn’t really know how the conditions are going to be like out there. In the race run I rode a little bit tired, but had heaps of fun. I makes me wanna ride more downhill…”

Jure Žabjek: “I was feeling good on my bike for the whole weekend in Switzerland. I was faster than expected on the qualifications, after all I did a lot of mistakes. At the same time I knew I can be much faster in the finals. After a long rest in the summer – due to the injury of my finger – I really wanted to get a top result, and I felt it I’m capable of doing it. Unfortunately I crashed on the practice run on Saturday and injured my shoulder. I hope it’s nothing serious, so I can start my preparations for the next season right away.”

New/old world champions are Loic Bruni and Rachel Atherton.



Race replay on Red Bull TV

Race results on UCI website


Photos by Klemen Humar & Keith Valentine