Tanja on Lanzarote 4 Stage MTB Race

Tanja just finished 4-stage race on the Canary island of Lanzarote – not so much because of the race, but because the training conditions on the islands are great also in the wintertime. Taking part of the race pushed her to high RPM, but with the 5th overall she also got some UCI points.


Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco are popular destination for cyclists who want to escape winter in Europe. Tanja is among them, but this year she decided to start the training camp on Lanzarote and also race 4 Stage MTB race – not for the result, but for a good training. It’s way to early for her to do proper racing, the first World Cup is also in May.

Tanja Žakelj about the race and her time on Lanzarote: “This was a successful start of the winter camp on the Canary Islands. I knew this would be a hard race for me, as I still don’t have enough mileage for racing, but this is why I came here. The timing of the camp and the race is perfect, compared to back home we can train properly here. Result was not my primary goal for the race, I wanted to end the first part of the camp with the race, where I can ride in the strong competition and on the challenging terrain. I’m happy that another stage race is behind me, I’m now moving to Tenerife.

Terrain over here can’t compare with the one at home – in terms of difficulty and fun factor, but I can gain a lot on these trail here. For example I train a lot on the long climbs back at home, here we were racing on the flats. I also need this! I’m happy with how everything ended and I feel that I used the time on the island well.”

Stages & results:

S1 / 42 km: 10th place, 1:46:44

S2 / 60 km: 8th place, 2:36:14

S3 / 21 km (time-trial): 7th place, 1:09:25

S4 / 81 km: 5th place, 3:54:28

Overall: 5th place, 9:28:46 / avg. speed 22,05 km/h


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Photos: Grega Stopar