iXS EDC Maribor: Dakotah on the podium

Quite possibly we saw the strongest iXS EDC cup race of all times, and we’re happy that our riders showed they can get on the very top. Our best rider of the weekend in Maribor was Dakotah Norton with 4th place in the Super Finals!

Frist of two racing weekends in Maribor looked like “mini World Cup”, not so much like the iXS European Cup we’re used to. 450 riders on the start – 320 of those in the elite men category – made a big show for the fans, but in reality this was just the warm-up for what is coming up next weekend!

Our riders Dak, Jure & Kirk came to Maribor with different goals. Jure know the mountain like the back of his hand and of course had high expectations. Dak was off the bike a lot during the winter and is only getting to the right form, while this was a first for Kirk on Pohorje. Dak and Jure qualified for the Super Finals, Kirk unfortunately hit a tree and lost too much time, so he had to settle with the battle for top positions in the “regular” finals. Jure was the one who was out of luck on Sunday, he crashed and after that just cruised down to the finish area.

Dak was our fastest rider on both days, and the reward was a podium finish on Sunday! He finished in 4th, good two seconds behind the race winner. This is what he said after the race: “Really couldn’t ask for a better run at the iXS European Cup this weekend. I felt great on the track and executed when it mattered. I’m really impressed with my performance as I didn’t have much pre-season racing. I’m really looking to be a little bit better prepared for the World Cup and take a bit of confidence in the next weekend. I didn’t had the off-season I wanted in terms of having a long pre-season training, but I’m just excited to have confidence when it matters and to put it together when the time came.”

We can’t wait for World Cup race next weekend, with even stronger competition and hopefully some good results from our boys!

Results Super Finals / Sunday
1) Matt Walker 3:10.017
4) Dakotah Norton +2.136
29) Jure Žabjek +1:10.859 (crash)

Results Final / Sunday
1) Adam Rojcee 3:16.798
4) Kirk McDowall +0.711

Results Qualifications / Saturday
1) Troy Brosnan 3:14.470
5) Dakotah Norton +0.956
11) Jure Žabjek +4.848
42) Kirk McDowall +9.032 (crash)

Full results on www.ixsdownhillcup.com

Photos by Klemen Humar