World Cup NMNM: Better racing, but same result as in Albstadt

Tanja Žakelj was again 26th, this time around in Nove Mesto na Morave. Compared to a week ago in Germany she showed much better racing, but that unfortunately didn’t reflect in the result.

Tanja was slightly better in short track, she was 30th on Friday. However that wasn’t enough to get much better start position and she had to start from the fourth start row. This is not an excuse, reality of her lap times shows that it would be very hard to get a better final position. She was again faster in the second half of the race, but not fast enough to make a bigger attack. Tanja Žakelj after the race: “I week ago I said that the ice is broken, today I wanted something more than this. Looking at how I was racing from start to finish I think I would deserve more, but I finished with the same result as in Germany. I have to accept 26th place and work on my improvement.”

Venue – that will surly again compete for the best race of the season – offered great racing and lots of changes in the positions, which is clear indicator of the strong competition. “The fact is that previous season doesn’t mean anything, it’s important how good you worked over the winter and of course there is always a chance that things will mix. There are a lot of us that compete for the high positions,” said Tanja.

XCO World Cup will take a bit of “vacation” now and downhill will step into the spotlight. Tanja will first do a detailed analysis of the race and decide on the next steps. Tanja: “I don’t have the data yet, so it’s hard to say what will I have to do to be better on the next race. First thing is that I want to progress.”

High motivation is most important, and we all know that Tanja doesn’t look away when the time comes for hard work. Season is also still very long and things are really just warming up.

World Cup Nove Mesto na Morave, Tanja Žakelj’s results:
– Short track – 30th place
– XCO – 26th place
– Overall standings – 28th place


Photos by Grega Stopar