RACE REPORT: Race Report: EWS #4 – Val Di Fassa, Italy

It was under the burning sun of Italy that the Enduro World Series racers gathered for Round 4 of the Series. It was more precisely in Canazei, right in the hearth of the Dolomites.

Epic views and majestic rock peaks all over the area.

Keegan Wright was our only UDFR athlete participating. Damien Oton is still side-lined recovering from his back injury sustained at the end of May. His recovery is going well and he’s doing better and better every day. Keegan was in good shape and fully healthy for this round. Our Kiwi decided to go back for Spartan Carbon 29 for this event.

Keegan felt really good on the stages, he was looking fast in practice. The 5 stages were very different than what he’s used to ride and far from his favorite type of trails but he managed to complete the race without major issues or mistakes. His best stage results happened on Stage 1 and 4 where he got 16th.

Keeg finding his way through the freshly cut Stage 3, Titans.

The Val di Fassa race was a one day format. On the menu, 41km total, 5 stages, 4 uplifts by chairlift and 850 meters of climbing on the saddle. Sounds like an easy EWS… But add temperatures of over 34 degrees to spice things up a little. Hydration was very important.

Considering the type of terrain, Keegan’s goal was to place inside the Top 15 for this race and he finished in 15th place. Mission accomplished and marked some good points for the series ranking. The Spartan proved to be an efficient tool for the trails of the Dolomites.

Keegan now sits 7th in tie with 6th the Series’ standings.

“I’m definitely not used to ride in those euro style trails. The flow was hard to find sometimes but I managed to complete the race in one piece and scored some good points for the overall series standings,“ said Keegan after his race.

Keegan holding down the fort for UDFR this weekend. Here he is on Stage 5, Tutti Fruiti, The Queen Stage of the event.

“It was once again a great week with the team. I’m proud of everybody’s work and Keeg proved once again his speed on very challenging tracks. We had great times in Val Di Fassa and we can’t wait for Round 5 in Les Orres, France!”Bastien Major, Team Manager

“Keeg was gentle with his equipment this week which was good for me! Haha! The Spartan handled the roughest and Keegan had the best set-up for the job,” said Phil “Steak” Ricard, Team Mechanic

Devinci was also supporting Devinci ambassador Georgia Astle this week. She finished in an impressive 14th position, her best ever EWS result. The BC athlete will be with the team again in France next weekend and will definitely be looking to improve from this result.

Thanks to everyone at Unior and Devinci. Huge thanks to all our team partners, the race organizer, the fans and the families for the amazing support. We would not be there without you!

Key facts of the week:
– Damien is still recovering from a broken back. He’s getting better every day.
– Keegan is now sitting in 6th place of the EWS overall standings in tie with Remi Gauvin.
– Val Di Fassa was Keegan’s first race on the Spartan 29 Carbon this season.
– Keegan doesn’t drink coffee, he’s already hyperactive.
– Keegan ate 6 banana splits in 8 days in Val Di Fassa.
– Best team meal of the week: When in Italia, Lasagna Bolognese!
– Team Song of the week: Maghreb Gang – Farid Bang

Photography: Sven Martin