World Cup Snowshoe: XCO/XCC Race Report

Tanja’s race in Snowshoe was unfortunately complete opposite of the race just a week ago in Mont-Sainte-Anne. She took 28th on the final World Cup race of the season and finished in 21st place overall.

World Cup finals didn’t go according to plans. Short Track race on Friday was decent with 19th place for Tanja, but legs just didn’t work on the main race on Sunday. That’s no catastrophe, but of course we all wanted a great finish, including Tanja; after the race she said: “I’m glad that the race is over. It was a very long season. Of course I wanted to finish with the good result, especially after I showed that I paced my form correctly throughout the year. In this moment I’m just glad that I crossed the finish line without any stupidities as I really felt bad and wasn’t going anywhere.”

Snowshoe; photo by Keith Valentine

There will be enough time for detailed analysis of the race, but Tanja already talked about the main reasons: “One of the reasons for poor performance is altitude, we’re just high enough that I don’t feel good. I already felt it on the practice runs, but I put those feelings out of my system and raced as good as possible. The second reason is surly the track itself, as it’s faster than anything I’m used to. We were going from one sprint to another, it looked more like short track racing. No long climbs where you have to ride on pace and not enough technical descents. The track is not excuse when I’m in top shape, on a good day I can be at the top on any track, no matter the conditions. But I didn’t had those right feelings today.”

Tanja was better in the first part of the race and started to loose places after third lap. In total they had seven laps.

No problems for Tanja over the rock section; photo: Grega Stopar

Tanja finished the season in 21st place overall. Tanja has mixed feelings about the season: “I had a solid World Cup, with ups and downs. Some races were very good, especially the race in Val di Sole. But the finale is poor and not what I want. I saved my season with great result on the world championships and that gives me some comfort.”

Tanja only has couple of races left in the season, biggest one being Test Event in Tokyo. After that she will take some rest and start making plans for the Olympic season.

Photos by Grega Stopar