Inside UDFR mechanics’ Unior Pro Kit

What’s the one thing that you should never ever touch without a permission? Mechanic’s tool case of course – a sacred object to its owner. Let’s take a look on the inside in our overview of the team edition Pro Kit.

All of our mechanics rely on Unior’s Pro Kit tool cases, but they do vary on what’s inside. We’ll get back to that later, but the “build” starts with the stock case and in fact isn’t so much different from the standard Pro Kit case with the smart selection of tools and accessories. The main selection of tools is very straightforward, the difference comes down to the specifics of the team bikes and also the discipline.

Team mechanics Anže, Jure & Miha

Enduro mechanic Phil takes cares of the team Spartans and Troys, and also has to travel across the oceans more. DH & XC mechanics Anže, Jure & Miha meanwhile take care of Wilsons and Tanja’s XC machine, but have fully equipped team van on most of the race. Each of them has his own Pro Kit, build on the stock offering from Unior. We used big tool trolleys in the past, but the tool cases proved to be more practical and mobile, they also allow us to cover multiple events at the same time.

Look on the inside

Pro Kit is a sturdy plastic case, made to withstand almost everything you can think of. It easily holds the weight of the full case and is tough enough to take on the plane as the checked luggage. On the inside there are three main areas:
> Top pallet organizers that open on both sides,
> Removable pallet organizer that covers the main storage area and can easily attach to the front or the side of the tool case,
> Big storage area with dividers.

Here is where the custom organization starts, and we let all of our mechanics to set their tool case to their preferences.

Selection of tools

Anže is our lead mechanic, he’s responsible for Dak’s and Tanja’s bikes, but also for a lot of things around the office. Anže did couple of changes inside his tool case during the winter as Fox & Shimano products require some additional tools. Needless to say, but we’ll say it anyway – Unior has our backs covered with great selection of tools.

Take a look at the gallery and you’ll see everything that is inside. Allen & Torx keys are on the top, together with selection of pliers, knife, chain tool and disc brake spreader. Open end wrenches and cutting pliers hand from the side. Main compartment stores trusty hammer, BB & pedal tools, sockets, measuring tape, shock pump and whole range of small bits.

Special items

> Unior’s Hub Genie; for removal of hub end caps.
> Digital torque wrench Unior 266B with range 1-20 Nm; because you have to be precise. (P.S. Priceless experience in combination with Socket set 1/4″ (in metal box 611996) and Hex socket bits 1/4″ 4,5,6 (187/2HX)!)
> Flat tweezers; always handy.
> Set of awls; because you often have to reach some time places.
> BB sockets; because they look like piece of art and work even better.
> Digital clock; to make sure that everything is done in time and rider isn’t late on the gates.
> Digital tire pressure gauge – we use SKS AirChecker; because our mechanics test the tire pressure ahead of every ride on the race weekend.
> Selection of pens; because you always need to mark something and write notes.
> Rotor cutouts; for use during bleeding when the wheels are removed.
> Number of specialized tools for wheel building & truing; because we’re racing downhill!
> Unior’s brand new valve tool that will be available soon.
> Suspension top cap sockets, we use sizes 26, 28 & 32; for all of the suspension forks that we use.
> Unior’s offset open ring wrench 183/2, sizes 8 & 10; a must for the brake hose nuts – the tool grabs the nut in several points and doesn’t damage it.
> Unior’s beer opener; for after the job well done.

You probably miss a lot of tools on the above list, and you would be right. Our mechanics also use an array of other Unior tools, but those larger ones are in the “big box” and don’t travel with a mechanic all the time. Maybe we’ll take a look in there someday in the future… For now take a look at Anže’s Pro Kit and if you like it build your own. Visit and make your selection today!

Photos: Klemen Humar