World Champs Leogang: Jure’s best so far

World Championships race in Austria was one of the hardest ever, with conditions that nobody wanted. Key to success was staying on the bike, which is something only a few riders managed to do. Dakotah & Jure were not among them, but they still managed to get decent times out of their runs.

Jure was faster this time around and took 19th place – his best so far on the elite men world champs. He was yet another victim to super sticky mud in the steep & technical forest section… but what a run on the top! Even after all of the riders he kept 2nd place on the splits 1 & 2, proving that he’s a top contender. Of course the final result is what counts, but it’s still satisfying to see that speed.

“I thought that the track can’t get harder, but this is exactly what happened on Sunday morning. I felt good, but the track began to dry out, which only made the conditions worse. I couldn’t even imagine that this can happen, these were one of the hardest conditions I ever rode,” explained Jure after he crossed the finish line, covered in mud. “I did good on the top part and I knew I have to save myself for the bottom. There are so many technical sections that it’s hard to do a good ride, and in those conditions the bikes hardly moved at all,” added Jure.

Dakotah had way bigger issues on the muddy track in Leogang. He’s fast as well, but had his first crash out of the stomp section; Dak went too close to the pool and got thrown over the bars. American got on the bike fast, but the rhythm was gone and more troubles followed in the forest section. He actually managed to pull some time back and was fast enough for 36th place.

Both showed how fast they are on the bike – and how fast the bike is! This is a good thing coming to Maribor, on the track that both know and have trained in the days just before Leogang. We don’t expect a dry race there, but better conditions for sure.

Congrats to Reece Wilson for the title!

Photos by Andy Vathis