World Cup Maribor Race 2: On a Limit

“Balls big enough to go for it. Legs long enough to save it.” That Jure’s quote that pretty much sums up our Sunday in Maribor. Both Jure & Dak had to went on a limit if they wanted to go (deep) into top-10, and so they did. Jure’s fate was sealed on the rock garden, but he has long legs and he saved his skin. Dak had a rumble with the dirt on the one of the last corners (after a fantastic run)… length of legs has nothing to do with it.


27th for Jure and 35th for Dak is far from expectations we all had for second race in Maribor – especially after knowing how fast they are on the hill. Dak was openly aiming for top-10, Jure was 15th on all three race runs earlier in the week and wanted more. But mistakes cost you time and this is what happened to both today. Jure made a mistake when entering the rock garden and lost control and came to a halt. Dakotah made it through all of the traps on the track and lost a grip in one of the “nothing special” turns.

“Good week. Executed 3 out of 4 runs. I had good speed, had good splits at the top. I’m always really fast at the bottom and unfortunately I went a little bit too fast today. Tucked a front wheel and throw it away,” said Dak after the unfortunate finals run. Jure’s comment wasn’t very much different: “Made a mistake on the rock garden. Entry into the section was not OK and after that I’s just trying to stay on the bike. I came out of the section with no speed for the flat road section.”

Crashes and mistakes happen, all men are out on a limit. This is the only path to glory, there is no other way on the race where only 2.6 seconds separate first and tenth rider. Saying this we all saw how fast our riders are (they also have the results from the first race) and both took lots of positives from the week in Maribor.

“It was a good week. I know I can be constantly with the fastest, I also know that I’m just a little bit away from the very top. Times are very tight, and you need to do a lot for couple of places. It was also great to hear fans next to the track, I hope we’ll have more of that in the next season.”Jure Žabjek

“In the past I came to race and been 20th, 25th place guy, we all know I have the speed to be on the podium, to be consistently in the top-10, riding with the fastest guys on the planet. I showed I have that speed and I’ll just continue to work towards it. I don’t want to go out there and roll around in 15th to 20th place, I’m going to go out there where I deserve to be.”Dakotah Norton

Earlier in the week we’re just glad to be back racing on the World Cup. At the end of the week we’re glad to see our boys are on speed and they can easily compete for top-10 if they put the whole run together. And they will do that in Lousa!

World Cup Maribor – Race 2:
Jure Žabjek – 15th in qualies, 27th in finals
Dakotah Norton – 8th in qualies, 35th in finals

Overall standings:
Dakotah Norton – 16th
Jure Žabjek – 19th

Jure’s run
Dak’s run


Photos by Andy Vathis, Grega Stopar (paddock, bike)