World Cup Lousã Race 2: Season Finale

Nobody has the power to fight against the will of Mother Nature. When she decides… she decides! And so it happened that both Jure and Dakotah got a big chunk of the rain & fog that disrupted the men’s finals. We never like to look for excuses, but today they really didn’t have much options. Both attacked and it worked out slightly better for Jure, but still far from expectations.

Second race in Lousã started on an easy note. Everybody still felt tired from the Friday’s race when they started the Saturday training session. But by the time of the qualifications everything was back in the race mode and both Dakotah & Jure performed a decent run. Nothing exceptional, nice and smooth to the 14th and 16th place; a good starting point for the attack in the finals. Well, that was not the case.

Clouds became darker halfway through the men’s finals and as the fog joined the party we felt the first droplets of rain. It wasn’t something that you would call a rain on a regular day, but it was enough to make the track very slippery. Jure learned that just meters after the start of his run and opted for a controlled run; with gaps being so small every second quickly meant a lot of places. Dak was very close to “green” in the first half of his race run, but lost all hopes on a slide out of a berm that literally finished in the wall. Doing this he lost his front tire and had to cruise down to the finish line. Jure was 40th, Dak 59th.

As this was the last race of the season it was also time to look back at it, and also to offseason; here’s what Dak & Jure had to say.

“Bumped about the race today, but still proud of myself for going forward in the conditions. I wish we’re still going racing; I think I have good speed and good fitness. I worked really hard and didn’t get a chance to prove it. I know we had glimpses of being on a podium and having really, really competitive splits with the top dudes, but want more racing right now.
Time to go back home with that feeling of walking away from the finish line with your tire unbeaded and knowing you were that close. This gives me something to go into offseason and put my head down and work really hard to be where I need to be for the next season.”
– Dakotah Norton

“Season was hard for sure, as we didn’t know what will happen with the events and all of the cancellations. We’re all happy that we did have couple of races and I proved that I can be really fast. But it was hard for me to focus and I knew I only have couple of rounds to prove myself. In Maribor I showed that I can be constantly in the top-20. This time around I wanted to show that I can do much better. I made a mistake on the first race, but today I was really unlucky with the weather, which is something totally out of my control.” – Jure Žabjek

Last day outcome is not good, but there are still lots of great things we’ll take with us in the offseason. Dak finished in 5th on Friday and is 15th overall. Jure had great qualifications results and super fast splits, he now needs to work on the full runs. We also got a great new venue – track in Lousã is sick and we hope to come back!

World Cup Lousã – Race 2:
Jure Žabjek – 16th in qualies, 40th in finals
Dakotah Norton – 14th in qualies, 59th in finals

Final overall standings:
Dakotah Norton – 15th
Jure Žabjek – 26th



Photos by Andy Vathis, paddock photos by Grega Stopar